"5 Easy Tips That Will Boost Your Confidence"

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5 Easy Tips


That Will Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is like a muscle that not everybody knows that they have. It is a muscle that if you train every day, will turn you in to whoever you want to be.

I'm here today to give you 5 exercises to make that confidence muscle pop like Schwarzenegger's bicep circa 1970.


*DISCLAIMER* Don't get your head too big... That's just not cool.


!. Suit Up.

So, just like most of us, there was a time where I did not own a suit. I just didn't see the need in it. BOYYYY WAS I WRONG! There is not another feeling in the world like putting on a suit and watching people literally treat you differently. It is like a point of respect that you automatically get when you walk in a room. It is pretty wild actually. My confidence level has sky rocketed ever since my first suit. If you do not own a suit, I highly recommend you make that investment. Your life will change. 


2. Be Yourself & Embrace It.

You'll hear this from me a lot. That's because it's lucrative. Nothing says confidence like being yourself. The one thing you see when you look around is everybody trying to be like something or somebody they are not. Be different, be yourself. Being comfortable with who you are is a huge factor in being more confident. If you're funny, don't be afraid show that goofy side of you. People love it if you can make them laugh. Whatever it is that you have, light up the room with your personality like a UFO in a terrible 80's Sci-fi film. 



3. Stand Tall & Smile.

Yeah, I know... These are two things. I have them together because they definitely go hand in hand. When you stand erect and smile, you immediately become more attractive. Great posture is not only better for you physically but makes you look dominant. Just think of a rope pulling your head back to the sky, your body will straighten accordingly. So stand up straight and show those pearly whites and you'll be fighting off women with a stick. This is the cheapest and simplest way to look more attractive and feel more confident.


4. Take Care of Yourself.

Okay, obviously caring about your physical appearance is a given in being confident. Gentleman, if you are not in the gym every week or on a balanced diet, that may be a reason why you are not feeling confident in yourself. Fitness is a HUGE factor in how you feel about yourself. It is never too late to start either, get a membership and start today! Grooming is a topic you will hear me speak on ALOT. Thats because I have to. Take care of your skin, hair, and teeth ALWAYS. That's the third word that I capitalized in this topic... I'm emphasizing the importance of these things. When I asked women what the first thing they notice about a man, all three: skin, hair, and teeth are all brought up. The best thing about that is... We can take care of all three of those things daily & need to. 



5. Stay Humble.

After taking these 4 tips above into the real world, STAY HUMBLE! When looking like you are full of yourself, you are turning women off and just making it easy to not be liked. These aren't tips to make you feel like you're better than anyone else, these are tips to make you feel better than you currently do. When you look good, you feel good & vise versa. So take these five tips and go try them for yourself. I can guarantee you will see a difference in how people look at you and act towards you.