"What to Look For When Shopping For Quality" by Colin Arrogancia


What to Look for

When Shopping for Quality

We all have been in the situation where we are wondering if something is worth our money. I'm here to make sure that you know how to find that answer out on your own. Of course, there are probably thousands of ways to check quality on your garment. I am going to break down the easiest ways and have you looking like a VERY well dressed Sherlock Holmes. So grab your magnifying glass, your trench coat and get to quality checking! 


1. Be Your Own Detective.

When it comes to quality, be your own detective. If the salesperson is telling you it's great quality, always check for yourself. Below are some ways to make sure you are getting your bang for your buck.


2. Check the Stitching.

Stitches, the heart and muscle of your clothing. Stitching is the most important thing to look for because this is the life of your gear. If you have weak stitching, you are decreasing the life of your garment and increasing the CPW (Cost Per Wear) of that piece. A lot of cheap manufacturers put so much time into fooling their consumers into thinking they have good products by focusing on the outside appearance of their garment, that they hardly are constructing the garment. Some high quality brands will even put what’s called binding on the seams, so that there are no exposed fabric edges inside the garment. ALWAYS check the stitching of a piece before even trying it on. 

Quick and easy things to look for: 

  1. Are the threads lining up?
  2. Are the threads loose or pulling?
  3. Are the threads lying flat?

After looking for these things, the inside of the product should mirror the exterior. If it is, it typically shows that the item was made with care.


3. All in the Details.

Details, details, details. Look at hem lines, neck lines, and armholes.  TOUCH EVERYTHING. Does it feel thin, brittle, and rough? Or does it feel smooth, soft, and substantial? You can feel the difference between a shirt made from thin, brittle cotton and a shirt made from thick, lustrous material... as well as see the difference. You should be able to see that they took time in creating this piece. Check the thread count, and throw it on to see how the piece fits and lays. The more fiber there is, the better. To clarify, the garment doesn't have to heavy to be good. If the yarns are tightly packed but thin, the piece can still be lightweight. Density is what you should be looking for when feeling the piece.


4. Tags, a Shoppers Best Friend.

This is where you will find materials, where the garment is manufactured, and where the fabric is sourced from. Even a garment labeled 100% cotton can be low-quality. Fiber content is what we are looking for. Fabrics still be cheap if the manufacturers use low-grade fibers or not much fibers in the fabric. To cut labor costs, a cheap quality brand will take a page from a fast fashion retailers handbook and cut corners to produce clothing more quickly which is resulting in clothing that’s poorly made. Check that fiber content. While you're there, check the cleaning recommendations and follow thoroughly. There are blended fibers and natural fibers and blended fibers don't wash like natural fibers can. When you dry a cotton-polyester blend garment in the dryer, the two materials can shrink at different rates, this will change the shape of the garment. So always look at the tag and follow the care. This is all important information and will help you decide if this is worth the hefty number on the price tag.


5. Look for Function.

Functionality can be easy be measured by the way that the garment is cut or constructed. The fabric of a garment should be cut straight along the grain. The only time other than that should be in the case of a what is called a bias cut, which is typically grading at a 45 degree angle, which allows for the fabric to stretch and give function. You'll know when something is cut wrong, usually when it loses it's shape after wear.



Thank you for reading, I hope this is helpful.


"Looking More Attractive: Do's & Don'ts" by Colin Arrogancia


Looking More Attractive:

Do's & Don'ts.


Okay, who doesn't want to be more attractive? 

If you answered "not me", no need to lie, hotshot. 

These aren't just tips to be physically more attractive, but also tips that break down qualities that women tend to find attractive in men. I will not only be going over what makes you more attractive, but also going over the things that make you unattractive in her eyes (which is easily just as important, fellas).


*DISCLAIMER* Pictures not needed. Read & learn something.




1. Don't be a Stranger to the Gym.

Okay, this one is a win-win, because when actively in the gym, not only are you toning your body to look like a greek god, which in all will make you more attractive, but you are boosting your confidence in ways you didn't know was possible. Something that women love about a man that takes care of himself physically (besides the fact that you look better than if you didn't) is that it shows commitment. It shows that you are goal oriented and not a quitter.


2. Wear a Suit. (You Knew it Was Coming)

Yes, my favorite. Suits make you stand out and make all eyes on you. Trust me on this one. If you don't own a suit, make the investment in yourself and turn your attractive notch up a few levels. It is proven from my recent blog and social study "How Women Want You To Dress" that women can not resist a man in a suit.  Men in suits project success, look more interesting and are always stylish. Fashion trends go in and out with fads, one thing that will always be timeless: a well tailored suit that subtly shows off the body you've been working on. 


3. Show Those Pearly Whites (Make Sure They are Pearly and White).

Smile. This one isn't rocket science. When you smile it projects an inviting energy that women love. When you smile though, are your teeth as shiny as Chip Skylarks? Invest in a good electronic toothbrush with whitening power. I use Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean. A good toothbrush will ensure you are getting the best clean in there and will be your sidekick in making sure your smile doesn't shoo away women like an old man when kids are on his lawn.


4. Be Confident & Respectful.

Confidence is key. Respect is major key. Have confidence in your walk and how you carry yourself. Have respect when speaking to women. This is not practiced in todays times and I'm sure it is refreshing when women meet a man that is respectful to her and different from all these other kids. 


5. Be Mysterious.

Less is more. Don't talk about yourself. Be mysterious. Don't post everything on social media, you have to create an interest. Nothing is more attractive to a woman than being interested in somebody that isn't bragging or boastful. Stay mysterious.


6. Get a Fresh Cut.

A fresh haircut is always a plus in women's eyes. And please, have a decent hairstyle. She doesn't want to see a trendy haircut that she would see on her little brother or baby cousin. Act your age gentlemen, get a nice clean haircut and keep it fresh!


7. Be Funny.

Make her laugh. Women are attracted to guys that can make them laugh. 





1. Don't Always Be On Your phone.

Nothing is more rude and unattractive to a woman than a guy that is not showing her attention and always on his phone. Instead, make eye contact and be fully engaged in conversation with her.


2. Don't Talk About Yourself.

Come on guys, as men, we can't talk about ourselves too much. Let's find out more about her! Not bore her with stuff about ourselves. Instead, ask questions and definitely don't talk about how much money you make, your political views or your accomplishments.


3. Don't Complain... About Anything.

Men are problem solvers. We fix things. Men who complain about anything defintiely do not attract women. Instead, be manly and defuse complaints. Find the problem. Fix it.


4. Don't Try Too Hard.

Guys, there is no reason to try too hard. I feel bad for the women out there that have guys constantly trying and trying when the answer is clearly not in their favor. So men, if she doesn't seem like she's interested, that doesn't mean try harder.


5.Don't Lie.

Liars... Not cool. Enough said.


6. Don't Be Clingy.

Let her breath. It's not attractive, not manly, and shows a total lack of confidence, self esteem and manhood if you are clingy. Women do not like that and you will most likely steer them in the wrong direction. So don't be that guy. Instead, give her room to breath, trust her, and encourage her to go have fun.


7. Don't Dress Like a Bum.

Be stylish! Women love guys that have style. It shows them that they have character, and care about themselves. If you dress like a slob, I can guarantee you that you're not catching her eye.

"5 Celebrities You Should Be Taking Notes From" by Colin Arrogancia


5 Celebrities 

You Should Be Taking Notes From


This weeks weekly style inspiration goes to five individuals that in my opinion are killing it. Keep an eye on these five celebrities because they may be controlling your outfit choices for the next few weeks. 


*DISCLAIMER* They are in no order.






Yep, the One Direction superstar definitely lives up to his last name. This man is doing all the right things when it comes to style. When found photographed on a random Tuesday in September, best believe this man will be in a pair of jeans that fit him like they were made custom for his body and a pair of Saint Laurent boots that you've been staring at online for the past 4 months.




His British Punk style proves that he's a rockstar. Not many people can pull this look off as natural as he does but when done correctly, you look like a style god. 



Layering... This is how you do it. I live in South Florida, so trying to pull something like this off would result in a heat stroke for myself, but if you live somewhere that you can... THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING. .




Ryan Reynolds in my opinion is one of the best dressed men in Hollywood. He knows how to have a rebelious edge at the same time as looking clean and put together.

"I'm not trying" - Reynold's Outfit '17....

T-shirt game people. I'm telling you, this is what you guys need in your closet! Look at this outfit, you would think it would be the simplest part, but the t-shirt is clearly the highlighting point in this get up. 

LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS. Fall season translates to having your layers of clothing stacked like knick knacks. This is the perfect example of layering. There's a great tonal color story here and very symmetric. 




Ofcourse, we all knew his name was going to pop up. Mr. Beckham has been menswear goals since he's been scoring them on the field. There is nobody on the planet that can transition back and forth from a tailored gent to a edgy badass like this man.

His suiting choices have been perfect for years now. Think of him as the uncle of men's tailored clothing. Whenever I need suiting inspiration, I always find myself pulling my phone out and checking up on his gear.

This photo speaks for itself...


4. Michael B. Jordan.

 Strongly overlooked is the Creed star himself, Michael B. Jordan. Talk about a well dressed man. This guy embodies tailored clothing and adds the perfect amount of style to it. Personally, he is one of my biggest style inspirations at the moment.

Every time I see this guy in interviews or even photographed on the street, he is dressed to kill. Eyes turn wide when seeing this dudes outfit choices.

So... not only did the young Adonis Creed have speed and power in his film, but a style that also packs a punch. If you like my style, check this guy out and keep a close eye on his style choices for his appearances for his upcoming film Black Panther.



5. Dev Patel.

From slumdog to millionaire, the English-Indian actor is under the radar killing it. His color stories are inviting and subtle and scream "I got it from here". 

Fall is here. Take notes from Patel, this guy knows how to put a casual fall outfit together. Don't sleep on the Lion star, he can be the one you could be getting all your fall fits from this season.

"How Women Want You to Dress" by Colin Arrogancia

image1 (8).jpeg

How Women 

Want You to Dress

Okay, gents. We did a little research and found the answer to the question that has been playing mankind for centuries, "what does she want me to wear?".

Now, this does not of course refer to all the women in the world, although we did ask 100 women of all different demographics what THEY prefer a man should be wearing and we landed pretty much on the same table.

Please, do yourself and the beautiful women of this world a favor and take this advice.

*Disclaimer* Just to clarify, gentlemen... I said "women" not girls.



Introducing... Drumroll... The Pie Chart.

Okay, so I wanted to take this post and take it completely out of my own hands, not my opinion, strictly from the words of our wonderful women. The best way that I could do this is create charts with factual analytics straight from the women themselves. Enjoy.


1. Overall Style.

For my first chart, when we asked 100 women "which overall style type do you prefer for a man to dress?", this is how they answered:

Overall Style.

Click on the graph above to see how many votes were made for each style.

Okay, so it's safe to say that a nice suit & jeans and t-shirt are the way to go. 


2. What Type of Suit Do Women Love?

We know that women love a nice suit, we do now at least. But what type of suit do they love on us? We asked the women what type of suit they prefer on a man, and this is how they answered:

What Type of Suit.

Click on the graph above to see how many votes were made for each style.

It was close! By a vote of 3, Suit & No Tie it is for the win!



3. What Type of Jeans Do Women Love?

Jeans coming in at second place in overall style choices that women want to see men wear, doesn't reeeaaalllyy narrow it down for us. So what type of jeans do they like? We asked the women and this is how they answered:

What Type of Jeans?

Click on the graph above to see how many votes were made for each style.



4. What Type of Shoes Do Women Love?

They say a man is never fully dressed without a nice pair of shoes and a smile. What shoes are the right shoes to have on our feet in the eyes of our Women Crush Wednesdays?

What Type of Shoes?

Click on the graph above to see how many votes were made for each style.

So when you guys are getting ready in the morning and don't know what to slip on your feet, loafers or boots it is! Loafers to dress the outfit up and boots to keep in casual.



In Conclusion:

Women tend to love a well dressed man. That's a given. It shows that you take care of yourself. Get a nice suit, nice denim and t-shirt, nice pair of loafers and a badass pair of boots and you're all set.

You're welcome.

"5 Easy Tips That Will Boost Your Confidence" by Colin Arrogancia

unnamed (2).jpg

5 Easy Tips


That Will Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is like a muscle that not everybody knows that they have. It is a muscle that if you train every day, will turn you in to whoever you want to be.

I'm here today to give you 5 exercises to make that confidence muscle pop like Schwarzenegger's bicep circa 1970.


*DISCLAIMER* Don't get your head too big... That's just not cool.


!. Suit Up.

So, just like most of us, there was a time where I did not own a suit. I just didn't see the need in it. BOYYYY WAS I WRONG! There is not another feeling in the world like putting on a suit and watching people literally treat you differently. It is like a point of respect that you automatically get when you walk in a room. It is pretty wild actually. My confidence level has sky rocketed ever since my first suit. If you do not own a suit, I highly recommend you make that investment. Your life will change. 


2. Be Yourself & Embrace It.

You'll hear this from me a lot. That's because it's lucrative. Nothing says confidence like being yourself. The one thing you see when you look around is everybody trying to be like something or somebody they are not. Be different, be yourself. Being comfortable with who you are is a huge factor in being more confident. If you're funny, don't be afraid show that goofy side of you. People love it if you can make them laugh. Whatever it is that you have, light up the room with your personality like a UFO in a terrible 80's Sci-fi film. 



3. Stand Tall & Smile.

Yeah, I know... These are two things. I have them together because they definitely go hand in hand. When you stand erect and smile, you immediately become more attractive. Great posture is not only better for you physically but makes you look dominant. Just think of a rope pulling your head back to the sky, your body will straighten accordingly. So stand up straight and show those pearly whites and you'll be fighting off women with a stick. This is the cheapest and simplest way to look more attractive and feel more confident.


4. Take Care of Yourself.

Okay, obviously caring about your physical appearance is a given in being confident. Gentleman, if you are not in the gym every week or on a balanced diet, that may be a reason why you are not feeling confident in yourself. Fitness is a HUGE factor in how you feel about yourself. It is never too late to start either, get a membership and start today! Grooming is a topic you will hear me speak on ALOT. Thats because I have to. Take care of your skin, hair, and teeth ALWAYS. That's the third word that I capitalized in this topic... I'm emphasizing the importance of these things. When I asked women what the first thing they notice about a man, all three: skin, hair, and teeth are all brought up. The best thing about that is... We can take care of all three of those things daily & need to. 



5. Stay Humble.

After taking these 4 tips above into the real world, STAY HUMBLE! When looking like you are full of yourself, you are turning women off and just making it easy to not be liked. These aren't tips to make you feel like you're better than anyone else, these are tips to make you feel better than you currently do. When you look good, you feel good & vise versa. So take these five tips and go try them for yourself. I can guarantee you will see a difference in how people look at you and act towards you.

"6 Looks You Need This Fall" by Colin Arrogancia

image4 (1).jpeg

6 Looks 

You Need This Fall

Okay, so summer is over. You know what that means, right? Yep, it's officially everyones favorite time of year to dress, Fall. The colors, the fabrics, the layers... Yeah. No more looking like an average Joe, let's elevate your look for this season and boost your confidence a little in the making.


*Disclaimer* Your crush wont be able to take their eyes off you.


1. Your Go-to Color Story.

Now, when it comes to colors, a dark tonal monochromatic look like the one above is always acceptable. Try and switch it up a bit. Every season there is a pallet that you should live by. This is called your color story. This season, burgundy, muted green, army green, brown, navy and purple are what I believe will make your outfit choice the talk of the party.



2. "I Like Turtles".

Ahhhhhh, the long awaited time of the year to rock a turtleneck is here. We all love the turtleneck / suit look for many reasons. Not only does it make you look like Hollywood's coolest Bond villain, but it adds a smart chic to your already stylish suit. When looking for the perfect turtleneck, here are some things to look for: fabrication, full or mock neck, and color. Also, make sure your selection is relative to where you live. If you live in a warmer climate, it may be ideal to stick to a lightweight cotton apposed to a heavier wool or something that will result in you having a heat stroke.

Brands we love: Scotch & Soda, Vince, and Paul Smith.

Who does it best: Idris Elba, Zayn Malik, Daniel Craig, Conor Mcgreggor.


3.The Leather Jacket

Dean, Beckham, Gosling, Styles, or any other menswear badass's favorite piece is here for the season. This jacket should be OVERUSED this fall. It is the coolest and most versatile piece that you can have in your arsenal right now. The way you can elevate your smart look by pairing your suit trousers with a leather jacket or throwing this piece on with a turtle neck (see above) and dark denim is just a no brainer. Women love that bad boy look and when you can dress it up and still show that gentleman edge, you've won my friend.

Brands we love: John Varvatos, ACNE Studios, and Topman.

Who does it best: David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, Harry Styles, ASAP Rocky.


4. The Camp Shirt & Suit Combo.

Thank the UK, because this style is huge right now in menswear and probably one of my favorite looks at the moment. Your dynamic duo is your camp shirt of any fabric & your suit. I'm a big fan of the "I know what I'm doing" look, as you probably know. This is the epitome of what I mean by that. It is effortless and still not expected. Take a tip from our friend Zayn Malik and try this look for yourself this season. I'm sure it will turn some heads (and make yours bigger).

Brands we love: Blue Blue Japan, Topman, and Scotch & Soda,

Who does it best: Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, and Adam Levine.


5. "These Boots are Made for Walkin'"

The one thing that should definitely be on your feet this season are these guys here. A boot that has a modern western inspiration can take your style up 6 levels and will also give you a few cool points as well. This style choice definitely should be pulled off with a nice dark pair of tapered denim with a leg opening that hugs the ankle. This will add highlight to your shoe choice and you'll get that head to toe outfit glance that we all secretly love getting. 

Brands we love: Saint Laurent Paris, Common Projects, & Magnani.

Who does it best: Harry Styles, Kanye West, & Scott Disick.


6. The Perfect Henley.

Take a break from layers every once and a while. Like I said in my first blog "5 Key Items Every Man Needs In His Wardrobe"  , one of your heavy hitters is your "not so basic" basic. A nice garment dyed henley is your one shot kill right now for under the radar style this fall. I call this look the "trying to not try" or the "oh, I just threw this on" casual look that still shows that you know how to be stylish and don't have to overdo it.

Brands we love: Rag & Bone, J. Crew, Billy Reid, Buck Mason, and James Perse.

Who does it best: Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, and John Legend.

"7 Style Mistakes You May Be Currently Making" by Colin Arrogancia


7 style mistakes

You May Be Currently Making.

Although, to some people, style may be subjective... It's not. The one thing that all people that have style have in common is: They have style. Period. Just as important as what these people are doing, what they aren't doing also is what makes them ever so stylish. Now, I know that may be hard to fully understand, so here is a list I've put together of 7 style mistakes that you may be currently making & why it is important to fix them.


*Disclaimer* You wont be making these same mistakes after reading this...


1. Not Tailoring Your Clothes When Needed.

This is HUGE *Trump voice*. Everywhere I look I see people with either their sleeves too long, their pants too long, or just an overall bad fit. If only there was a place you could go where specialists could fix this problem... Oh wait, they're literally everywhere. Find a good tailor and treat them like family. 

Once you have your tailor, shorten those sleeves, pant legs, and if your pants are not slim enough... Taper.

Sleeve length should be right at your wrist bone. You want your jacket sleeve to show 1/4 of an inch to 1/2 of an inch of your dress shirt cuff.

Pant leg should either have no break or a very slight break, depending on fit and occasion. The break is the fold or bend of fabric at your leg cuff when the pant leg is longer than your physical leg (you probably know this term as "baggy"). I'm a fan of the "no break" look, personally. I just think it's a cleaner look. Now, when it comes to taper, it's easy. Never too tight, never too loose.


How it SHOULD look:


2. Care and Maintenance (or Lack of It).

When purchasing a new garment, you should be wanting to keep this item for a while, correct? Treat it that way.

When it comes to suits, this is easy. ALWAYS hang after wear in a garment bag. This day or two of rest will help regain it's shape and keep it in that "I know what I'm doing" phase like we spoke about in my "5 Key Items Every Man Needs In His Wardrobe" blog.

Now, shirts. We all know that white is usually our weapon of choice when trying to be the Sharp Dressed Man that ZZ Top was singing about in 1983 but since even before then it has been hands down the hardest piece in your closet to keep looking sharp. That’s because the nature of the cotton soaks up all kinds of oils off your skin. Don't worry, it happens to all of us. We all get those visible stains…especially on the back of your neck and armpits. Easy fix: Hand wash after wear and take it to the dry cleaners every visit.

Denim, this is simple. Ask any denim expert, this item only needs a wash every few weeks or even months. If needed before; dry cleaners... This is the best way to ensure longevity in your denim. If you do decide to machine wash, turn them inside out, wash in cold water on a light rinse and AIR DRY. The cold water when washed inside out will absorb the dye back into the fibers. Air dry to ensure these fibers don't shrink. 


3. Buying Cheap Clothes.

When wanting to improve your style, the best first step you can take is to stop buying cheap clothes... There is a mathematical formula that you can calculate called "CPW" or "Cost Per Wear". This formula breaks down cost and how much wear you will get out of something and pretty much makes you feel like a spectacularly well dressed Einstein. Here is the formula:

CPW = Total cost of the item / Number of days you’ll wear it

Here is an easy (but very dangerous) way to break down CPW: If you invest $200 into a pair of jeans, but plan to wear those jeans every day of the year, your CPW comes out to 55 cents. That's basically the price of one piece of Bazooka Bubble Gum. Now, on the other hand, if you spend $40 on a disposable garment from a fast fashion retailer like H&M and wear it 3 times before it wears out or ruins after one wash, you are left with a CPW of $13. Yeah, another reason why quality is key.


4. Over Accessorizing.

Please, less is more. With that, I'll keep this one short and sweet...

Unless you're Johnny Depp, or the lead singer in a sca band, you should not be wearing more than 2-3 accessories at once. Let's be simple, gentlemen. This is just distracting from your outfit and simply looks like you're trying too hard.


How it SHOULD look:


5. Buying the Wrong Fit.

Clothes (for the most part) are made to fit a general population. Stay away from Small, Medium, Large, X-Large when shopping for tailored clothing. This falls inline with suiting, shirting, and pants. Learning to look at specs and knowing your specs will help you find the right fit when shopping for tailored clothing. When it comes to shirts, they all (majority at least) go by neck size and sleeve length. Knowing your neck size, chest size and sleeve length is a huge thing in style. You should know this. Aside from knowing those specs, you need to know if you're a short, regular or long when it comes to suiting. 

Short (S) 5'4" to 5'7 1/2"

Regular (R) 5'8" to 6'2"

Long (L) 6'2 1/2" to 6'6"

This will ensure you are getting a look that will be closest to your body type.

How it SHOULD look:


6. Trends That Don't Fit Your Lifestyle.

We get it, you want to dress like Kanye. Now, ready for some heart breaking news... It doesn't look good on everybody.

You should only be rocking clothes that reflect your personality. You ever see that guy that is over accessorizing, over layering, and just plain out looks like he's trying too hard to look like everybody else? Yeah, that's because it doesn't match his lifestyle. You can always tell when somebody is trying to just be trendy, it's just not natural. Don't get me wrong, follow trends all you want, that's fine. Now, just make sure it is something that can relate to who you are as a person. THAT'S what makes these guys look stylish. It's their personality that you can see in them that reflects their outfit choice.

How it SHOULD look:


7. Grooming.

Who would have thought that grooming would have fell into this list? Nobody. That's why it's on here. Grooming is a very big part of your overall appearance and is one of the first things women notice about you.

Hair is a great topic to start with. Your barber should know you by name and you shouldn't be hesitant to overtip on a good cut. After your bi-weekly to once a month haircut, find a hair product that works great for you and run with it.

Hand care is also very important, when you are meeting somebody and shake their hand with your scaly hands and long fingernails it's just uncomfortable. Cut those nails once a week and find a hand care cream that will take you from Rango to a man that takes care of himself.

Now we get to face... The thing that defines who we are. Nobody wants oily skin. Face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, beard lube, and an exfoliant should be in your every night routine. PERIOD.

Control your body hair... I'll keep that there, fellas.

*For all of the grooming topics above, I would recommend the following venders for all products: Kiehls, Jack Black, Lab Series, Art of Shaving or Lush.*

"5 Key Items Every Man Needs In His Wardrobe" by Colin Arrogancia

image3 (1).JPG

5 Key Items

Every Man Needs In His Wardrobe

I've always been a firm believer in having 5 key items in your closet that can transform you from Jake from State Farm to Jake, Who Everyone is Talking About. I've put together a list of 5 heavy hitting items that I believe if you have in your corner, you'll be guaranteed to take home the title.

*Disclaimer*  Women won't be able to help themselves around you.


1. A Good Pair of Jeans.

We're talking premium denim here, people.

Jeans are an investment. When purchasing a pair of premium denim, you are going to have these for years. Not only will they always look nice, but they will go through different looks and phases with wear. Quality is key, especially when it comes to denim. Most premium denim you will find in major or luxury retailers are sourced in Japan and most of them are made domestic by hand. These are what you want. 

When it comes to fit, the slimmer the better. Based on your build, let's get a fit that will be tapered to your leg. That is what will elevate your outfits. You can dress up nice quality denim or rock it casual with a nice tee on your day off.

Brands we love: Paige, Rag & Bone, AG, and Nudie.

Who does this best: David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Hemsworth.


2. A Suit That Says: "I Know What I'm Doing".

This was expected, I know, but it is a key factor in confidence. You know, that "look good, feel good" type of thing. Yeah, it works.

For this route, you can go with a nice classic navy, grey, or high blue. If you're not in a business meeting, ditch the tie. Keep one to two buttons unbuttoned to give that whole Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love look. Women will find you confident and irresistible. 

Brands we love: Hart Schafner Marx L.A. Fit, Ted Baker, and Hugo Boss.

Who does this best: David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, Idris Elba, and Conor McGreggor.


3. A "Not So Basic" Basic Tee.

Okay, this one is important. This is the item that counts. When done perfectly, you become the most stylish man in the room "without trying" (to their knowledge at least).

Please, throw away your Hanes, Calvin Klein, or any other undershirt. These aren't your average packaged basic tees. Once you own one quality basic, you'll replace all of the ones you have anyway. Nobody wants to look great one day, and look like a high school kid the next. There is something about simplicity in style that just looks great. So when you have quality basics that you can wear every day and throw on with any outfit, you're already winning. 

Brands we love: James Perse, Rag & Bone, Scotch & Soda, Goodlife, J. Crew and Buck Mason.

Who does this best: David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Pattinson, and John Mayer.


4. A Versatile Layering Piece.

Easily elevate your style with a perfect layering piece. Okay, now this can be a bomber jacket, denim jacket, unstructured & unlined blazer, or a smart, stylish full zip. 

Ditch the full suit every once and a while. Take your look to the next level and throw on your jacket of choice with the trousers from your suit and a pair of all of our favorite and most of our go-to's, the Stan Smith Adidas.

Brands we love: Ted Baker, Rag & Bone, Scotch & Soda, J. Crew, and Vince.

Who does it best: Aziz Ansari, Zayn Malik , Ryan Reynolds, and Scott Disick.


5. An Elevated Leather Sneaker.

Don't get caught up on the word "sneaker", this doesn't mean Nike or Jordan's. We aren't trying to catch a game of 5 v 5 while at the office, we're just trying to look good. This sneaker can be any leather shoe that has that new sleek designed silhouette that can modernize and revolutionize business casual. In my opinion, our friends over at Common Projects executed this shoe perfectly, so if you aren't sure what to look for, pull up google, give it a search and get something like that. 

You can style this type of shoe so many ways: with a suit, with trousers and t shirt, with denim and a sportcoat, etc...

Hit up the closest retailer, thank me later.

Brands we love: Common Projects, Santoni, Magnani, and Stan Smith Adidas.

Who does it best: Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake, and DeAndre Jordan.